Nestled on the Mid-South coast of Kwazulu Natal, between Scottburgh and Pennington, lies the unspoilt area of Kelso.

The area is steeped in history, having served as an out span post for postal pony riders in the 1800's, as well as being a major railway junction for the transportation of sugarcane at the turn of the 20th century.

The 'Kelso Hill' forms part of a new development initiative from local developers, Simpkins & Associates International cc.

Completed in 2007, the first phase of this development is the upmarket gated estate called Abrams Crest, named after the Abrams family, who owned the farm on which the development is situated, since the mid 1800's.


Abrams Crest boasts 142 freehold residential sites, many of which are situated on the crest, and sea-facing side, of Kelso Hill and enjoy spectacular sea and breaker views. The development has been fully walled with eco-friendly tinted concrete palisade fencing. Roads boast a blend of tar and paving, with 'Ye olde' colonial lamp posts. Entrance to the complex is through an impressive gated entrance, which is manned by guards twenty four hours a day.

In order to ensure that the estate has an up-market feel, architectural guidelines have been established, with the theme being “Natal Colonial” or “Veranda Style”.

Notwithstanding the stunning views, one of the main attractions of Abrams Crest is the beautiful vegetation. Besides the stands that have already been developed, the remainder of the estate is still covered in natural vegetation, with large, old trees providing a well established feel. Development criteria have been introduced to protect the natural vegetation as far as possible.

The thick, natural vegetation provides an ideal environment for a large, and very diverse bird and animal life. The estate resounds with the calls of numerous birds, which can be heard over the sound of the breaking waves. Small buck are also frequently seen.

The closest beach to the estate is the privately owned beach, in front of the Happy Wanderers resort, approximately 500 metres from the front wall of the estate. Access to the beach is by vehicle, or a beautiful shaded path. The closest shopping complex is the mall at Scottburgh, some 9 kms from the estate. However, phase 2 of the development of the Abrams Farm, which will be situated directly across the R102 from the estate, will consist of a shopping complex and a service station.

The sea facing stands have a natural vegetation buffer between the estate and the small road below, ensuring that nobody can ever build in front and spoil the view. The estate is administered by a homeowners association, and monthly levies are far more reasonable than in similar developments of this nature.
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